About Me

Artist:U Lun Gywe


Started:After graduating from the Art Institute of Teacher's Training.

Studied under:U Thet Win, U Chit Maung, U San Win, U Thein Han and U Ngwe Gaing.

Exhibition:Art Shows in Japan, Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China,                                                    Australia, NewYork (USA), Republic of Singapore and Myanmar.

Favourite Medium:Oil, Acrylic, Water Colour, Charcoal, Pastel

Gallery Membership:Founder and Pattron Artist Life Art Gallery and Hinthar Gallery

Biography Time Line and Artist Life of Myanmar Impressionist Artist Dr U Lun Gywe
  • 1930 Born on 24th of September, 1930 by U Ba Khaing and Daw Own Thwin in Yangon. Alternative name in young age was Nyi Nyi or Nyi Lay.
  • 1940 Took interest in Art ever since 10 years of age. Used to sketch on the back of the school books till the lecture pages and the drawings met in the middle of the book.
  • 1936-41 Studied primary and post-primary education in Yangon.
  • 1942 Refuged to Mu Don, Maw La Myaing from Yangon during WWII as a refugee. Studied at Shin Arahan Post-primary School and Old AVM Post-primary Missionary school.
  • 1947 Invested himself in Art right after finishing 7th grade of education. Studied water color art under watercolorist U Chit Maung in Yangon.
  • 1947-48 Studied poster art under mentor U Thar Lwin and advertisement art under mentor U Hla Maung in Maw La Myaing.
  • 1948-1953 Started drawing posters, advertisement arts, signboards and car metal plates in Mu Don along with the 1-year business of photography.
  • 1954-55 Studied art theories as an art apprentice under mentor U Thet Win at Kambe Teachers Training Institute, Yangon.
  • 1955-57 Started working as a child art mentor at AVM Post-primary school, Mu Don.
  • 1958 Was voted as an art mentor position for 1 year before reselected as a permanent art mentor at State School of Fine Art, Yangon.
  • 1958-59 Painted 20 paintings of the life of the very first head monk who lived at Jone Jone Kya Taw Ya monastery, Mu Don when going by the name Nyi Lay.
  • 1958-63 Met another mentor U Thein Han at SSFA who was the student of Great Artist U Ba Nyan. Got a great chance of living 5 years with him and studied Fine Art in wide scope from U Thein Han.
  • 1962-64 Selected as the permanent member artist by the Board of judges of the Literature and Art exhibition (Sarbay Bateman) and became a well-known fine art artist. Took parts in several magazines covers and designs.
  • 1964-65 Studied Eastern Art and oil medium methods at Central Art Institute, Beijing, Republic of China for 2 years as a cultural exchange student. Became fluent with the Chinese art workmanships afterwards. Passed the exam with the distinctions.
  • 1968 Lectured the Art association of Art and Science university together with U Thein Han from 1968 till 1979.
  • 1972 Studied restoration art of Impression paintings at East Berlin, Germany for 1 years as a cultural exchange student and became familiar with the Impressionism.
  • 1977 Worked as a head mister of YSSFA and conducted the 25th ceremony of YSSFA successfully.
  • 1979 Retired from Yangon State School of Fine Arts.
  • 1980-87 Managed the annual show rooms of the Ministry of Mines and Myanmar Jewelry Corporation.
  • 1987 Established the Golden Velley Art Centre, Yangon together with U Myint Lwin who was his pupil also known as artist Tazar Lin.
  • 1989-90 Depicted Buddha’s History of 3 rooms in Shwedagon Pagoda compound.
  • 1990 Worked as an art instructor for the foreign community in Yangon. (1990-97)
  • 1991 Painted the Victory of Buddha over Mara at Mahar Wizaya pagoda, Yangon.
  • 1990-98 Started out as a member artist at Golden Velley Art Centre and exhibited the artworks and became full time artist.
  • 1999 Established Artist Life Art Gallery in November with family.
  • 2002 Depicted 30 artworks of Buddha’s history all around the inner part of the Shwedagon pagoda replica in Kushinaga, India.
  • 1999-2019 Holding many solo and annual art exhibitions at ALAG till now.
  • Graduated with distinction for Easten Art in the People's Rebuplic of China (1964)
  • Award of Honour, Niagarafrontier
  • Watercolour Society, New York U.S.A(1990)
  • Doctor of letters (Honoris Causa) by Naional Unibersity of Art and Culture, (Ministery of Culture) (2014)
  • Pride of Myanmar, award for susess in Art, the whole life by chief minister of Yangon Region (2019 Feb)
  • Studied Eastern Art in the People's Rebublic of China (1964)
  • Restoration of painting East Germany (1972)
  • Prize Winner, Watercolour contest, New York( 1992)
  • "Gallery Watch" Tasmania
  • "Golden Flight" Magazine, Air Mandalay (1995)
  • "Asia Business" Magazine (1995)
  • Art Show at the Hotel Intercontinental, Singapore (Oct, 1995)
  • Asian Art News July/Aug(2001)
  • Vol. 48.April/May (2006)
  • International Artist Magazine.
Solo Exhibition in Local
  • Solo Show National Museum, Yangon, Myanmar, 24th Jan to Feb, 2nd 2000
  • 75 Years Old Life, Diamond Jubilee Art Exhibition (2005) (Artist Life Art Gallery)
  • Blosson of Spring Art Exhibition 2006 (Yangon)
  • 80 Years Old Life, Special Solo Showe 2009 (Artist Life Art Gallery)
  • My Golden Dancer (2012) (Yangon)
  • Donation, Watercolour Exhibition(2013) (Yangon)
  • 85 Years Old life, special water colour showe(2015) (Artist life Art Gallery)
  • 86 Years Old life special solo showe (2016) (Artist Life Art Gallery)
  • The Grand Collections Art Exhibition (2018, May) (Artist Life ArtGallery)
Family Art Exhibition
  • The 1st Grand Art Stream, (Lun Family Art Exhibiiton)
    (2007, Yangon) (U Lun Gywe, Wife, Son, Daughter in law, Grand Daughter, Grand Son)
  • The 2nd Grand Art Stream (Lun Family Art Exhibition)
    (2009, Yangon)
  • The 3rd Grand Art Stream (Lun Family Art Exhibition)
    (2010, Yangon)
  • The 4th Grand Art Stream
    (Lun Family Art Exhibition) (2011, Yangon)
  • The 5th Grand Art Stream (Lun Family Art Exhibition)
    (2017, Yangon)
Family Artists
  • Lun Mya Mya (Wife)
  • Lun Thitt (Son)
  • Lun Kyaw Yee (Daughter in law)
  • Lun Pann Che (Grand Daughter)
  • Lun Moe Yan (Grand Son)
Couple Exhibition
  • (a) Grandpa and Grand Daughter Art Exhibition (2004, Yangon)
  • (b) Smell and Breeze of amazing chaung Tha Sea Beach Special Water Exhibition)
    (Artist U Lun Gywe & Artist Lun Mya Mya)
Over Sea Solo Exhibitions
  • Emerald Hill Studio, Singapore (2000)
  • Thavibu Gallery Bangkok, Thailand (2004)
  • Tradition & Modernity in South east asian Art Exhibition New York, U.S.A(2006)
  • Fragrance of Myanmar Arts (Art House, Singapore, 2006)
  • The Heart Paintings, (Singapore, 2009)
  • Mini Art Exhibition (Singapore, 2014)
  • Art Fair in Tokyo, Japan (March, 2017)
  • Solo Exhibition Ginza, Tokyo, Japan (2017)
  • Solo Exhibition Chienkuo Teachnology University Changhua City, Taiwan (March, 2019)
  • Solo Exhibition, Telling Arts Taipei Gallery, Taiwan (May, 2019)
  • Solo Exhibition Ginza, Tokyo, Japan (July, 2019)
Art Book Publishing
  • (1) A Master Painter From Myanma (Thavibu Gallery, 2005)
  • (2) Artist U Thein Han and His Pupil Artist U Lun Gywe (Artist Life Art Gallery, 2005)
  • (3) Artist Collection by Artist U Lun Gywe (2009, Artist Life Art Gallery)
  • (4) Festing the femail form of U Lun Gywe (2011, Tharibn Gallery, BKK, Thailand)
  • (5) U Lun Gywe, Myanma's Famous Impressionist Artist (2014, Carmelites Framing & Gallery, Singapore)
  • (6) My Water Colour by U Lun Gywe (2016, Artist Life Art Gallery)
Museum Collection
  • National Museum, Yangon, Myanmar
  • National Art Museum, Malaysia
  • National Art Museum Singapore
Collection Countris
  • U.S.A, England, France, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, China, Brunie, India, Newzeland, Germany etc ...
  • Artist Life
  • Private Art Museum & Art Gallery
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  • Shwe Pauk Kan (New Town)P/O.
  • North Okkalapa Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
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  • www.ulungywe.com
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